Thor's Wagon, the Big Dipper, & the Seasons of the Swastika

Every evening, in the clear night sky one may see Thor's Wagon in the sky forever looking over us, protecting us all year long.

The star constellation Ursa Major (the Great Bear or Big Dipper), contain the Pointers that indicate the direction to Polaris, the North Star. If you study these stars all year long the constellation aligns every season perfectly forming the swastika.

In Scandinavian tradition it is known as Tor’s (Thor's) wagon. Karl, or Torakall/Torekall - one of the names for Thor found in the region.

“Kall” is the dialect for “karl” which means “man” or “king” and the most known name for "the Great Bear" is Karlsvogna (Norwegian) or Karlavagnen (Swedish).

Thor rides in a cart pulled by two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr and in old depictions of him he bares the swastika.

In 1872 Mårten Eskil Winge painted "Thor's Fight with the Giants".

A closer look at Thors belt we see he bears the symbol of the swastika.

The swastika has 4 90 degree angles – 4 x 90 = 360. Which is a perfect representation of of the yearly cycle of Thor's Wagon. This same idea is also represented as the perfect circle of the sun and perhaps the moon.


Could it be Odin's Wagon?

When looking into symbolism throughout history, one will find that symbols are often interchangeable and related. The constellation could also be of Odin's, but I have yet to find any accounts that Odin pulled a wagon at any point other than in later stories like in Lord of the Rings Gandalf (who is Odin) at the beginning is shown to be pulling a wagon or Santa Claus.

Now, Odin does ride in the sky an eight legged horse named Sleipnir.

Odin is also associated as the later personification of Santa Claus who rides in a sleigh or wagon with reindeer.

To me, this could be how stories began to get mixed up and interchangeable with Thor as he rides his wagon with horned goats.

Odin's symbol is the Valknut, and if you look in the center you will see a swastika like symbol. So, again one could also see the constellation representing Odin as well, or both he and Thor.

The Sonnenrad symbol could also be thrown into these interchangeable symbols.

The Sonnenrad is known as the “black sun” which could mean to represent the dark side of the sun and in esoteric meaning to prevail the understanding of seeking the mysteries of knowledge within the dark, or the place of stillness. Perhaps the constellation is also a way to meditate on this as it can only be viewed in the night. It has a cyclic nature to it as well.

And then again, as interchangeable symbols go - Odin's Cross could be clearly symbolic of these things as well.


Symbols and cycles of life and death

Whether it's Thor or Odin in the sky looking over us. It is all encompassed in the over all way of nature, which is built on the cycles of life and death.

Whether it's the stars/sun or the moon all of these things were recognized and known in ancient times.

So, next time when you see the big dipper raise your horn and hail the gods!


If you have anything to add to this please do comment below!