The Secret Shamanic Practices of Wotan

European shamanism is something that has been greatly hidden from view for thousands of years since the invasion of the Middle Eastern religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam were enforced onto the peoples of Europe forcing them to lose a lot. However, those have sought to understand shamanism and whom look at the stories of Wotan can clearly see these practices, beliefs and ideas are scattered all over the place in plain view and that Wotan was indeed a Shaman practicing tactics that go back to Ice Age Europeans.

Pretty much every figure in religion expresses forms of shamanism around the world. Shamanism, and the practices of such are possibly some of the reasons why people have developed/evolved so much. Gaining knowledge, connecting with the gods and the dead, healing, and more comes from shamanism.

One of the main practices of shamanism is through spiritual altered states of consciousness. For whatever reason that has not yet been thoroughly explained by science, for some reason when a person goes into altered stated of consciousness that person has opportunity to use it for positive uses. The main thing that should be stressed, however is that if the intentions of the person going into states of consciousness aren’t for the reasons of gaining knowledge, wisdom, and any of the other reasons described, then it it’s a lost cause. But when the intention of going into such states is to obtain such things then you see before you figures like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, and yes… Odin/Wotan.

There are various forms of ways to get into such states of consciousness. Some are mild and more difficult, and some are so intense putting one on the edge of death that seems to be the easiest way to get to the desired outcome.
Meditation, eating mushrooms and other psychoactive concoctions, running around a fire chanting, fasting for long periods of time, and impaling oneself onto a spear are a few ways.

One of the oldest examples we have is Pech Merle. Pech Merle is a cave which opens onto a hillside at Cabrerets in the Lot département of the Occitania region in France. The cave is estimated to be inhabited by the Gravettian culture (some 25,000 years BC). Some of the paintings and engravings, however, may date from the later Magdalenian era (16,000 years BC). One of the most intriguing is the engraved painting called “the Wounded Man”. 


Why would these people do such things? The ancient people of Europe and others around the world have found that one way to get into these altered states of consciousness would be to impale themselves onto spears, putting them just on the edge of death that would give them visions and communications with their ancestors, and gods. 

Where have we seen this symbology in modern times? Most people will think of Jesus and the Spear of Destiny.

Since we’re talking about Jesus, what other examples can we give he was too practicing shamanic ways? Well, 30 days in the desert without eating will certainly make you hallucinate and enter altered states of consciousness…

The Buddha starved himself trying to become Enlighted and understand and gain knowledge about the world of suffering. Meditation and eating mushrooms under a bodhi tree. All examples of these people are utilizing ancient practices of shamanism.
There’s many other examples, but this is about Wotan. 

In the Poetic Edda, in order for Odin to be able to drink from Mimer’s well, he had to sacrifice an eye. This alone is shamanic symbolism in multitudes of ways… the symbolism of Odin’s eye seems to point to the utilization of not relying on the eyes he sees with, but the internal “third eye”.

"Of what wouldst thou ask me?
Why temptest thou me?
Odin! I know all,
where thou thine eye didst sink
in the pure well of Mim."
Mim drinks from mead each morn
from Valfather's pledge

Once Odin was able to bypass his “seeing eyes”, he could drink from Mimer’s Well… I personally think it was a special brew of mead, being a mead concoction mixed with psychedelic mushrooms.

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Much of these practices stimulates the pineal gland in the brain, which when going to these altered states will react releasing DMT  - N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (also known as DMT, N,N-DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, Dmitri, and "The Spirit Molecule"). This produces this state… the gland is mostly active while sleeping, and dreaming.

Odin couldn’t stop there, however. His thirst for knowledge and wisdom was relentless. Nothing was stopping him, so he ends up going into the deep forest with his spear, Gungnir. He hangs himself on a tree, and impales himself with his own spear, with no food or water. He reaches that point of consciousness that then allows him to discover the runes…

Watch this video we made concerning this story…

In the stories of the Norse, there many other examples of the other gods doing similar thing, and is hidden in plain sight in fairytales and other folklore. 

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Traditions of these practices emerged with European people that lasted for thousands of years, and even so after the Abrahmicization of European traditions. In fact all of the Christian holidays are filled with these examples.

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These ideas and practiced have been suppressed for hundreds of years, but especially the 100 with corrupt governments seeking ways to control populations by seeking to strip the knowledge of these things. However, thankfully over the past decades these things are finally reemerging into the consciousness of the children of Wotan.

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