Music of the week: Birch Book - Werewolf's Eyes

Here is this weeks featured music of the week.

Band: Birch Book
Song: Werewolf's Eyes
Album: V/A album "Werewolf Songs - Music Inspired by Swedish Folklore"


When the full moon bathes the meadow in it's bright and silky dress- why do I feel depressed, my love~

When the curtains wave their shadows across your white and milky breast- why do I feel unrest, my love~

Did the how-wls of the night prepare in me this fright of our parting~

Then at the break of day my love, where have you gone away- but not one word to say of goodbye~

Why would you not have stayed my love, though say I'm not afraid- of the promise that we made, or why~

Do the willows in the wind run shivers down my skin- of sorrow~

I have gone to where the wind may not blow upon my skin- where the stars may not shine upon my name~

I shall soon enough return to where I long and I yearn-
and I swear that I will be the same~

Do the leaves in the trees still whisper in the breeze- where are you?~

I have gone to face the beast and to drivel at his feast- may the two of us never be seen~

And my love, may you sleep as the ocean fall deep- and I swear I won't tell you where I've been~

Sunset is upon me now, an evenings drawing near- and still you are not here, my love~

I thought you called my name so clear- but howls are all I hear, they are not yours my dear- my love~

Yet that shadow in disguise who stares through werewolf's eyes- who are you?~

You must not be afraid of the changes that I've made- I have come now to bring you away~ to a bed that I have made with the several stones I've laid- and covered in the finest of clay~

Lay your head upon the ground- you shall never be found~
I will guard against dangers that be~

Until dawn comes around, you must not make a sound~
And I swear you will forever be with me~

And I swear you will forever be with me~