How To Bake Authentic Viking Age Knekkebrød (Crisp Bread)

Crisp bread was one of the most popular snacks of the Norsemen during the perilous and tumultuous Viking period. As a matter of fact, even before the start of this historical era crisp bread was baked in central present-day Sweden as early as c. 500 A.D.

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Under different varieties (including wheat loaf, rye loaf, and flatbread) the crisp bread was a very much sought-after tasty delight baked either directly over the fire or in a stone oven in early medieval Scandinavia. It was served along with butter, ham, honey, or cheese.

In modern times, for baking knekkebrød you’ll be needing the following ingredients:

0.5 l of warmish watter

6 cups of rye flour

6 cups of wheat flour

1 Tbsp of salt

1 Tbsp of ground cumin

3 additional cups of rye flour (in order to roll out the dough)

Method of preparation:

  1. Make sure to mix well all the aforementioned ingredients and create a solid dough.
  2. Subsequently, split the dough into 20 different pieces and eventually form them into small balls.
  3. Roll out each formed small ball of dough in consistent rye flour until they will get round.
  4. Make a hole inside each small ball and then dot them with a fork (alternatively, you can as well divide the dough into thin strips).
  5. Before putting the dough into the fireplace, it must be already warmed up well.
  6. During the process of baking, turn the pieces of crisp bread when they are a bit browned.
  7. Enjoy!

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