Have Heart; For We are on the Cusp of a Great Cultural Revolution by Carolyn Emerick

Storm in the Rocky Mountains, by Albert Bierstadt, 1886

The times in which we are living are more polarizing than ever in recent memory. Thus, people are separated by extremes, reactivity, and heated emotion.  But, at the same time, a Great Awakening is under way, and it is important to highlight some important points, re-calibrate, and focus our directive moving forward. 


Why Are So Many "White People" Angry?

Making TV shows disparaging white people is not racist, it's mainstream.

It behooves is to veer a little into the political sphere that I typically avoid in my writing because many people are either unaware or completely misinformed by the exploding shift that has occurred over the past couple of years, and many just can't make heads nor tails of it.

My assessment is that the formerly dominant political agenda had been pushed with ever increasing frequency, intensity, and hostility until which point that it over-saturated society to the degree that many people, myself and many of you reading this, became exceedingly frustrated. Meanwhile, rhetoric coming out of the mouths of people promoting mainstream views were becoming increasingly hateful forward ethnic-Europeans and disparaging about Western culture. 

This isn't racist. But saying the same thing inserting "black" instead of "white" would be.

White men, in particular, have been made targets of horrific hate speech. It's become the norm for college professors and mainstream media figures to blame all of the ills of society upon "white men" and make disparaging remarks about congress or other institutions that are run by "old white men." It had been reported that leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement had been posting horrific things on social media, such as "kill all white babies." 

We had seen white people targeted for abuse, physical attacks, and even rape, by non-white perpetrators who had been heard saying that they were targeting their victim because they were white. One of the rapists was reported to have actually said "this is payback for slavery!" as he raped his white victim. And all the while, the local police forces and judges dealing with this crimes had state that they do not count as racially motivated hate crimes.

This is not hate speech. But questioning whether we should let these people come into our countries is.

Of course, this was all occurring at the very same time that mass terror attacks had been occurring all throughout the West on a large scale. These attacks are by and large all being carried out by one particular demographic.  This self same demographic rallies in the streets of London carrying signs that say "DEATH TO BRITAIN." But, that is also not considered a hate crime or hate speech. However, merely observing that this group is literally killing us in massive numbers IS a hate crime. 

Furthermore, it has been reported that in multiple cities in Europe, this same demographic has been operating sex gangs where ethnic-European girls and women are groomed and targeted for prostitution.  Thousands of little girls have been abused, raped, and then threatened and beaten if they try to escape. These men have been recorded saying such things as "white women exist to be our whores." But that is not considered hate speech. 

So, for those who do not understand the rise of far right populist politics, I would urge you to take a more honest look at the situation in which we find ourselves. And I would urge you to look at yourself if you are one of these people who throws around the word "racist" at every person who is legitimately angry about what is happening in our nations. Why is it racist to not want our little girls raped? Why is it racist to point a figure squarely at the group committing these horrific crimes at statistically astronomically higher rates than other groups? Why is it racist to demand that we re-assess our immigration policies to address the statistical realities of certain demographics that we are inviting into our shires? Why is it racist to have the desire to protect ourselves and preserve our cultural inheritance?


Take Your Head Our of Your Arse & Just Be Honest

The bottom line is that more and more people every day are breaking the social programmingand realizing that these issues are REAL and that addressing them is not racist at all - it's simply common sense

But, when we have this psychological breakthrough and at the same time we see "kill whitey" being used with impunity in the mainstream, it naturally makes us angry. When we are called racists for speaking out on legitimate issues, it naturally makes us frustrated. And so, there has been an understandable and large-scale reaction. I have been a party to it, and many of you have as well. 

One by one we are breaking our conditioning and waking up.

Knee jerk reactions fueled by high emotion do not represent us at our best. Nor do they represent our views when they have been fully processed and reasoned. In these moments of reactivity, we say heated things that we might scale back, temper, and frame much differently when we're speaking with calm rationality. I am guilty of this. And, what we're seeing right now is an entire movement populated with thousands of other people who are also guilty of it. ​


The Alt-Right is a Reactive Movement

And, this reactive explosion has been natural and needed. The mainstream order will not be adjusted if it is not violently shaken up. However, now that we've had our collective outburst of raw emotion, now that we've really built the makings of a real movement that has the real potential to reshape our societies and change the course we had been pushed down, it is time take control of our movement and shape it into one that is guided by integrity and honor

Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, 1818

While there are some figures within the movement who are attempting to derail it and guide our people down a destructive path, there are many others of high caliber who have much to offer in terms of their high intelligence, their knowledge, and their positive energy

In addition, we're seeing people with their technical, speaking, and writing skills begin to launch websites, alternative news, publications, film, and all manner of media to provide outlets for discussion and dissemination of information.

​When certain crowd funding and artist funding websites have censored individuals for their unconventional views, now we're seeing our own people band together and put their heads together to begin to launch alternatives. 


We Are Taking Control of Our Destiny

In essence, we have moved from the reactive and angry phase into the phase where we are taking control of the situation.

​This is massive. This is far more profound than you think. What this is is literally a Great Awakening of our Folk. This is a tapping into our Collective Cultural Unconscious.Together, we are all linking in to the spirits of our ancestors who are guiding us for our Great Last Stand. We are using our skills and our talents to do something about our fate

​A cabal of globalist elites has a very dark future in store for us, and it is their agenda that has been guiding our media and education for several decades now. But, we are NOT willing to go like sheep to the slaughter. We are NOT willing see the cultures of our ancestors washed away. ALL of the people of this world have a right to protect and preserve their cultural heritage. 


This Awakening is for ALL People in the World

This awakening is not restricted to ethnic-Europeans. I have long said that the West would be used as a launchpad to move East, and if you are paying attention then you know that the same attacks on culture that have been underway in the West are beginning in the East now.  I speak frequently with Indian Hindus on this topic. I have spoken with Afghanis and Iranians about this. Mexicans and Chinese people have come to me to say that they see and understand exactly what the situation is. 

Leftists are now lecturing Asians about their drive to preserve their ethno-cultures.

Preservation of ethnic-European culture is not racist. The globalist agenda which wants to destroy ALL diversity in the world is racist. Those who say that the English don't have a right to preserve England, and Germans don't have a right to preserve Germany in the exact same way that the South Koreans and Japanese preserve their ethno-culture are the racists. Those who are trying to say that there is no such thing as ethnic-English and ethnic-German are the racists. I'm here to tell you that ethnic-European distinctions deserve the same recognition, respect, and right to self-protection that ethnic-East Asians assert in their own nations. 


The Great Awakening is Upon Us!

So, that so many of our Folk are not only realizing this, but that we have moved beyond the reactive phase and into the action phase is crucial. The Great Awakening is upon us now. And while we disseminate information through our own self-created venues, we must also make an initiative to revive our cultural arts

We in the West have an incredible legacy to be proud of.  While these cultural Marxists sneer at "old white men," instead we must look to our glorious past and remind everyone of the greatness that our Folk have been capable of. While the globalists push destruction of our culture, we must face it by celebrating our culture with more gusto than ever before. When they misrepresent our history, we must tell our OWN story with pride

Today, together, we are taking a stand and making a pledgeWe WILL use all of our talents and skills to preserve, protect, and promote the beautiful diversity on this Earth by defending our OWN cultural heritage. And we respect the right of others to do the same. Western cultural revolution starts now.

Article written by Carolyn Emerick

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