Pagan store owner, event space threatened over Asatru book signing after flyers allege hateful agenda

Attorneys for the event space have now cancelled that book signing.

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Big questions are circulating over a book signing originally scheduled for Saturday in Independence.

It all started with flyers being passed around.

Those flyers say “Attention Neighbors” and feature Nazi symbols prominently. They were passed out to call attention to an event with an author.

“These have different energies about them.”

Angela Krout supplies all things metaphysical at Mojo Mamas in Independence.

“I’ve always been a place where disenfranchised people can come and have a home,” said Krout.

That’s why she booked the Cotillion Room and Garden in Independence for this Saturday – so people could hear author Bryan Wilton.

“He has a message that’s important – and it’s about personal accountability.”

In YouTube videos and books, Wilton promotes a pagan religion called Asatru in which people worship multiple European gods like Thor.

He’s even listed on the Asatru Folk Assembly’s website as a Folkbuilder.

We tried to reach Wilton to ask him more about the group – but got his voicemail.

The flyers left on car windows in Independence say the group is currently under review as a hate group.

We could not find it listed as a hate group on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website – which investigates hate groups across the country.

Since those flyers – Krout’s phone has been ringing off the hook.

“They’re calling and telling me that I’m a racist.”

Mojo Mamas has been called with threats. So has the Cotillion where that book signing was supposed to be held on Saturday.

A lawyer for the Cotillion Room and Garden cancelled that booking Tuesday, and refunded the money involved.

Owners said had they known of the controversy surrounding the event – they would not have accepted the booking.

“I’ve got all his notes,” said Krout. “And there’s not one thing in there, not one thing that says anything about white supremacy or hate.”

Right now Krout says she’s trying to find another place to hold that signing – but it won’t be open to the public.

Meanwhile, Independence Police say they’re aware of the event and will be monitoring any possible developments.



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