Wolf Fagan - Wotangeist & the Second Wotanic Experiment

Our frst guest for our written interviews on Odin's Eye Media is Wolf Fagan.

Mr Fagan currently resides in Austrailia, and we met him on Facebook and we love his inspirational words/memes full of wisdom of true enlightenment.

You can connect with him on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/wolf.fagan.3

*Our questions are in bold. Guest answers are below the question.


How did you get into heathen / pagan perspectives?

I got into Heathen/Pagan perspectives by a slow process of evolution that started when I was five years old growing up in Scotland and realising that I liked Wolves, from there everything started to change. It was like I had an ability that was growing in me and a curiosity that made me question everything, as well as insights and psychic experiences that a young person would not normally have. Then when I was eighteen years old I received my first Rune stone that a friend gave to me at a market in Glasgow, here everything got supercharged and it was like the universe had a plan in mind for me regardless of what I thought!


What do you think about more esoteric symbols such as the swastika, and the sonnenrad?

The Esoteric symbols like the Swastika and Sonnenrad are sacred, powerful and beautiful. We as a people and as a collective folk-soul express our understanding and wisdom gained through the eons of experience and teachings of our folk symbolically with these holy symbols. Our own expressive archetypal conscious energies that are unique to who we are on this planet are divinely manifested in theses symbols. They are our holy symbols, no apologies and no compromise.  



Why do you think people always associate our symbols as being hateful?

The precise and simple answer is Ignorance. We have been and still currently are being brainwashed and lied to about our history and our indigenous spirituality, and are currently and systematically through political and foreign monotheistic beliefs made to despise who we are and destroy ourselves by the imprisoning of our very minds. As I write this many of us have had enough in this modern day and are starting to "Awake" and fight back against this physical and spiritual genocide, just as Carl G. Jung suspected we would and he called it "the Second Wotanic experiment".


Are you a part of or/and run any groups? Tell us about them.

Currently I am not a part of any groups, though Gothi Roland Jos L'Heureux and his genius has started "THE TEUTONIC KNIGHTS OF HEL" that looks to be a great thing indeed that I recently embarked on with him and others and hope to see it evolve to its full potential and vision. I am the founder of "Wotangeist" which is my Teutonic spiritual expression and "Wolfbund X" which is more of a modern shamanistic approach to things, both of these are generally tied together and published on my personal page as a means of inspiration.



How easy/hard is it to find fellow other like minded people in Australia?

Australia is still in its infancy in my opinion, though I know that it will grow rapidly once we get the right leadership and cooperative networking where folk will have the opportunity to give their energies in a constructive and productive manner. There are some great hearted and intelligent folk here in "Oz" and we have an invaluable contribution to give also. Time will tell! 


Are there any people (living or dead) who you feel inspire you? Why?

The Dead are Carl G. Jung, William Wallace and Miyamoto Musashi

The Living is my partner, Shaun Ellis and Steven Seagal!

Why: They all represent the spiritual, scientific and warrior aspects that I would like to encapsulate in myself and my journey.



What are some of the best books you would recommend on people just getting into things?

Runelore: A Handbook of Esoteric Runology, The Masks of Odin: Wisdom of the Ancient Norse, and Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung.


Do you think that things like Asatru / Odinism / Neo-Germanic Paganism / Heathenry are concepts that evolve, or do they stay the same set in stone like the Abrahamic faiths?

Simple answer! Evolve, adapt or die. 


Do you think that race is an important factor in spiritual paths? If so, why so? If no, why not?

Yes. Race is vitally important. Our biology is our biography, our biography is our heritage, our heritage is in our DNA and our DNA is unique to who we are. 


Who are your favorite Gods, and why?

Well personally as a "Wotangeist" it would be Heil Wotan!!! Yes, Wotan and Thor. There has been a pulling from the Goddess Holda recently that I have been experiencing in my dreams.


Is there anything you would like to say not covered here?

I make a point of being open to the greater experience of life, then understanding that experience with knowledge in the hope of gaining wisdom. 

I know that nature does not lie and that we will find infinite truths there if we have our hearts and minds open for our own greatest potential as a people. 

Make a point of assessing and avoiding anything that poisons your mind, heart or body. 

Be the best You can be and inspire others to do so by your own actions.

Honour the Gods by honourable deeds, be your own Hero and thoroughly embrace the unique adventure here on Midgard that is Your life!