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Our next guest for our written interviews on Odin's Eye Media is Carolyn Emerick.

Ms. Emerick currently resides in the USA. She is a fantastic brave writer of whom we have had some of her writings featured and more on OEM.

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How did you get interested in writing about Folklore? Tell us a bit about your website's focus and its projects.

       My path is a little unusual and I got here in a roundabout way. I had always been interested in European history, literature, and culture since I was very young. I think there were a couple things that clouded my vision to the value of folklore when I was younger. First of all, I was raised very conservative Christian (which had its own benefits, and I am grateful for my conservative upbringing compared to what we see in the world today) household, but the zealot religious tone of American Evangelicalism is very disparaging toward indigenous European culture; which is a paradox considering religious white Christians in America tend to be more patriotic and proud of their European roots. But there is a disconnect there when European culture violates their Abrahamic mental conditioning. So, I had been raised with the attitude that mythology is "demonic" because "all Gods other than the Judeo God is a demon pretending to be a God." This is what they teach Christian children. Literally, white children are taught to despise the Gods of Europe and worship a foreign Hebrew God. Also, a lot of folklore gets lumped in with "superstition," and in the Evangelical view, superstition is also evil for a variety of religious reasons. 

     The other block I had was that my passion for and study of literature had impressed upon my mind the concept of "high literature" in the way we consider "high art" as a measure of value. I had taken honors English courses in high school, and dove right in to advanced literature study in college where I ended up majoring in a literature degree. Good literature is complex. It has intricate structure, plots and subplots, characters and minor characters. And a literature student is trained to look for these complexities, and for dynamic characters that have layers and who evolve. By contrast, folklore seemed very simple, common even. 
    Before I could embrace folklore, and indeed, understand it, I had to evolve my mindset. The first step in any real awakening and returning to an Aryan mindset MUST be to break the mind-cage of Abrahamic thought. Dogmatic, black and white, linear thinking is low level consciousness. You cannot see complexity that we are literally trained not to see because our brains are atrophied by dogma. This goes as much for atheistic rationalism as it does for Abrahamic religion. Dogma not only tells you what to think, it also shuts you off from exploring that which you are told violates the "rules" of the parameters of your cage. 

    Once I broke that conditioning, and after looking at different religions and belief systems, something inside told me, "there has to be a way for ethnic-Europeans. We MUST have had our own ancient spiritual philosophy. Where is it? What happened to it? Why are the native faiths of others still thriving but ours is hidden from sight, slandered, demonized, or made a joke?" So I searched, and I found Asatru. There isn't time to explain Asatru to readers here, but I urge all people of ALL backgrounds to find their native faiths. Asatru is the native faith for Northern Europeans of Teutonic heritage. 

    From there, I was able to find the keys to unlock the complexity that is inherent in folklore. I had been blind to it before because I was looking at the wrong elements. Rather than structure and character development, the complexity is in the symbols, archetypes, metaphoric meaning, and important spiritual messages that are transmitted through the tales. Dogmatic, linear thinking makes us think mechanically. Good "high literature" is obviously more than the mechanics of it, it has to have depth and resonate with the reader. But, I had been trained to focus as much on the mechanics. And, essentially what it comes down to is that just as I as a literature student was made to be somewhat mechanically minded, Judeo-Christian religion does the same kind of mind-conditioning, as does an atheistic rationalist worldview. The truth is that the depth is found in fluidity and a whole universe of conception that a linear mindset won't allow you to see. It will literally be out of your depth for you can't grasp three dimensions when you are living in two.

    So, after I had become absorbed in the European Native Faith movement, I started becoming fascinated with folk customs and traditions and how they were tied to our indigenous belief -- even after the forced Christianization of our people. At first I started just writing overviews of the lore and research into customs, holidays, etc. But, eventually I started reading fairy tales. This is another area where I fear we have been the victims of a snow job. Just like our native faith has been mocked and belittled for centuries, in recent years there have been campaigns against fairy tales. They've been "feminized" so that they appeal to girls more than boys, when historically they were a genre for both genders. After they were made to appeal to girls, then the feminist onslaught began tearing into fairy tales as representative of "outdated views of women" and a myriad of other nonsense, thereby ruining them for girls now, too. What I found looking more deeply into these tales is that, well first of all none of these criticisms is true, but more importantly, that these tales kept our indigenous worldview alive and intact through the ages. 
     Rather than being disconnected by centuries between the modern European and their ancient Native Faith -- we have a life line. The thread was left intact, unbroken. If we feel like we have returned to a level of infancy, if we feel like we are starting over again without that nurturing guidance from our mother culture, fairy tales, in essence, function as an umbilical cord. Through these stories, our mother culture, which is alive right now in the great collective cultural unconscious, can feed us a steady stream of insight, knowledge, lessons for living, spiritual direction, and nurture us while we grow back into the culture we once were and can be again. THIS is what my website is all about.


Over the past year or so your focus has changed a bit, what brought on this shifted focus in your writing?

      Well, as stated I was raised very conservatively. I was also raised with a very strong sense of cultural heritage and identity. Where my family came from was embedded in my psyche from childhood. As I got older, I moved away from the right wing due to the really distasteful choke hold Judeo-Christianity held over it. I knew that THAT wasn't for me. But, having no other alternative, also being always a very academically minded person, I gravitated away from the religious cult mindset of the 80s/90s right wing and toward where I perceived the intellectuals to be, which was the left at that time.  

     But, I always butted heads with left wingers on all kinds of issues, most especially I always took issue with their blatant, vicious, and seething hatred toward ethnic-European cultural heritage. For years, though, the right wing was so dominated with the kind of Judeo-Christian nonsense, I knew I didn't belong with that kind of crowd. But, the left continued to get more and more ridiculous as time went on. Their hate for my ethnic group seemed to get more overt and obvious with every passing year. 

    Prior to fully waking up, I had already been researching and writing on my culture, and I had been encouraging preservation of culture in my writing already. But, as more and more Islamic terror kept hitting the West, I was pushed more and more toward full on racial awareness. There are a few events that were key for me. The beheading of Lee Rigby in May of 2013, in broad daylight in the streets of London, was a big one for me. That woke me up on Islam hardcore. That was the moment where I said "NO MORE." I vowed to myself on that day never to apologize for this violent ideology ever again. 

     I had lived in London myself previously. Lee Rigby was a young man in his early 20s in the British military. My brother was a young man in the US military at that time and was deployed overseas. This happened on Lee Rigby's HOME SOIL. Lee Rigby was the father of a very small child, and I had just spent four years of being the main babysitter for my very young nephews. I thought of my little nephews and then saw the photo of Lee Rigby with his small child. I lost it. This one was close to home for me. I literally sobbed for that young man and his family. I still tear up thinking about it right now. 

     The next stage in my awakening was seeing the horrific Islamic attacks in Paris in November 2015, followed shortly thereafter by the organized mass sex attacks on European women by Muslim men in Cologne on New Year's Eve that year. While this was all going on in Europe, here in America we had been seeing massive mob mayhem by blacks rage across our cities. They were looting, destroying property, not only stopping traffic, but making all life come to a standstill in events like the Baltimore riots in 2015. So I looked at these things, at the Muslim targeting of Europeans for violence, while Americans of ethnic-European heritage were being slandered in America by "Black Lives Matter" speakers. They were saying things like "kill white babies in their cradles." Well, when good white men are beheaded on their home soil, when hundreds of Arab Muslim men coordinate a sex attack to target thousands of white women in their own country, and when blacks are setting cars on fire in America --- it clicked in my head: This is not coincidence. This is by design. Something is going on here, and I need to find out what it is. 

   And, so I started digging and I did not stop until I found answers. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the red-pilling of Carolyn Emerick. And once you take that pill, you can cower in terror of the reality we are facing, OR you can stand up and fight for your own. And, for me, there is no hesitation. I am physically and emotionally unable to be silent in the face of white genocide. The awakening of my Folk and goal to return them to our indigenous folkways so that we can be a strong culture and survive this globalist onslaught we face today is now my singular mission. 

   So, luckily, the Alt-Right burst onto the scene while I was having this personal breakthrough, because it provided a political scene for white identity and allowed me to be able to veer hard right without having to resort of the kind of nauseating Judeo-Christian bullshit that I simply cannot stomach. In truth, the Alt-Right does not fully describe my personal ideology, but it's a good overlap and it's a community I am happy to align with while we work for a shared cause of Saving the West.


We first featured an article titled "Witchcraft Museum Leads Mob in Witch Hunt", has anything come of that ever since and have there been other similar attacks by the fake pagans/Marxists?

    Well, I don't like to name my slanderers because they're, quite frankly, beneath me. However, I do want to point out the lack of integrity and honesty in the leftist media. A pagan site called "The Wild Hunt" posted the letter of slander against me by the Witchcraft Museum. WHY it was written or published at all, I have no idea because I was never affiliated with this museum. They had simply been sharing my articles. For a professional organization to attack an individual that way because the staff doesn't like their politics is beyond unprofessional. If it had been me on the management team in that situation, I would have quietly advised my staff to stop sharing the individual and that would have been the end of it. This museum took it upon themselves to engage in what amounts to internet bullying of an individual for no reason other than a difference of opinion. Furthermore, the Wild Hunt published the slander but refused to publish my reply.  I had been invited to go on Red Ice Radio to discuss after the fact, but I had some difficulty on my end, and then after some time went by, Red Ice were victims of leftist cyber terrorism themselves. So, it never came about, unfortunately. 

     Absolutely there have been more attacks. You better not take on this fight unless you expect that the seething, hateful, anti-whites will come at you. They come at me every damn day. Even among my original core following who respected my intellectual ability and the high level of scholarship in my research, they turned on me as soon as my love for my culture turned into the will to protect my culture. We have a generation psychologically brow beaten to behave like abused puppies with their tails between their legs. "Oh, I love my culture, but but but, I'm afraid of the words they will call me if I take a stand to defend it."  And this is precisely why it is important for MORE people to man up, strengthen their backbone, and start speaking boldly for our right to exist.


You're in the midst of working on a new publication, Europa Sun. What is it, and when are we going to begin seeing it available?

    I am very excited for Europa Sun to launch! The first issue is filled, I am just busy finding the free-to-use illustrations, and then I am working on the layout and formatting right now! I am using a new software and there is a learning curve. I expect it to be ready in PDF this week! Print and Kindle may trip me up with formatting, but I will keep working until I figure it out. 

    Magazine layout is more complicated than book layout. And, when these Marxists control all of our media, we are left having to do things on our own, learning as we go. It's not a matter of just writing anymore. When leftists block you from traditional venues, then our people need to take on whole new skill sets. We ARE doing this, and I am so proud to see all the different forms of media that our people are springing up. We have tech guys, film media guys, artists, web-builders, business founders, and so forth. For my sphere, I have to not only write, which is all a writer wants to do, but also do my own editing, layout, formatting, get it to market, promote. For a magazine, the work involves recruiting content, find illustrations free to use, editing whatever comes in. It is very time consuming and this end of it can get tedious. I actually have been experiencing eye damage from extended PC use. 

     But, you know, this is who we are. We are not complacent to sit and do nothing while our culture burns down around us. We are doers. We are capable, independent, resilient people. THIS is why they want us dead. And this is why we are all fighting as hard as we can with whatever skills we each have. I have even seen people who have their skill in earning high income in the mainstream sphere step up to the plate and financially sponsor us creators who have our earning potential limited by our dedication to the cause. So each one of these examples is a way to help the cause, and they are all very important. 

    Europa Sun aims to take the telling of our history out of the hands of those who want to tear us down. We are going to celebrate our history, our ethno-culture, and our achievements. We are proud, and we do not cower. That is what the magazine will be all about. And you will see it as soon as I can wrap it up! 


Cultural Marxist anti-White racism is running rampant within so called Folkorist, Heathen and Pagan circles. Why do you suppose they are so hellbent focusing on their hatred for White's who simply want to celebrate/embrace their heritage and honor their ancestors and sacred lands?

    Well, sadly, Marxist anti-white hatred is rampant in all circles. It's in Christian circles now as well, ESPECIALLY in Western European Christian circles. At least American Christians tend to be socially conservative and patriotic even if they are ever more increasingly universalist and they themselves harbor a disdain for the indigenous beliefs of their own people. But, leftism is the norm among Christians in Western Europe. It's sickening. This is not really a problem with pagans so much as it a social problem across the board. Atheists are probably the worst if we're being honest. 

   The good news is people across all spectrums are waking up. The problem with the Christians waking up is that they won't go all the way to full awakening. They tend to continue to slander ethnic-Europeans who embrace Native European Faith. They also refuse to admit that they are simply cuckholds to a foreign universalist religion. They still place their religion before their ethnic identity, and their religion is globalist. 

    I'm in no way saying that Heathenism must be accepted by all white people. But,I am saying that ethnic-identity MUST be the number one ideological priority. Ethnic-identity is inherent in Folkish Heathenry. Universalist globalism is inherent in Christianity. It's as simple as that. 


Some of these very self hating anti-Whites would call you "racist". Can you explain how you really feel about the different races and their proper place in the world? 

    I believe that ALL people have the the right to self-preservation, autonomy, and the ethno-state. It just so happens that ALL races have this currently today, except mine.


Who are some of your favorite/influential writers and figures? 

      Well, I have unusual tastes, especially for someone who is now identified within the AltRight sphere. I don't really follow social-political bloggers, podcasts, or YouTubers. I think those figures are VERY important, especially for spreading awakening. But, I was raised with a strong sense of self and identity from youth, so I thank my parents and my grandparents for that. 

   I honestly don't really read very much that is politically leaning. My ideas are my own based on my deep culture studies and the strong conservative upbringing I had, and grounding in my family heritage. 

   Joseph Campbell was crucial for me in helping me to understand the depth that exists in mythology and to learn to "see" in three dimensions. I read a lot of folklore these days. I read scholarship on European history and heritage. 

    It's uncomfortable naming names I admire because I mainly look up to scholars and academia is dominated by Marxist ideology.  Many of the scholars I have ideologised are British, a nation that is under very severe Marxist conditioning at the moment. It is quite hurtful when people you admire within your field disavow you because of a disagreement over socio-politics. I don't have a problem honoring someone else's talents. But, we have a situation where if I say I admire an academic figure, the left will flip out and run to the person and say "did you know that racist says YOU are an influence on them?" And then the figure feels pressured to "disavow" the "racist."

       One scholar who has stood by me because he has taken the time to talk to me and hear my position even when he disagrees with it, and who respects my work on its scholarly merits, is Dr. Stephen Grundy. He considers himself left wing and has been running in left wing pagan circles for decades. He has a PhD in Old Norse Philology and is currently now completing an MD to be a medical physician. The man is brilliant. If a man like him can consider me a peer and believes that I have talent and ability, then the scathing words from others who are colored by bias fade away. He also gives me hope in the human ability to give credit where credit is due and be a decent human being to someone you may not agree with. He has done fantastic work in the field of folklore before moving into medicine, and his book "Elves, Wights, and Trolls" (under his pseudonym, Kvedulf Gundarsson) was one I read very early on in my acclimation to Heathenry. It taught me that paganism was NOT simply a goofy band of LARPers, but was a serious faith grounded on very in-depth academic scholarship. So, Dr. Grundy is a man among men in my opinion. 

    Other than that, foundational figures for me when I was younger were writers like Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. I do think it is very important to ground our youth in the greats of our culture heritage. Reading challenging writing such as Shakespeare is a mental exercise that makes the mind strong. In truth, I am grateful to my Christian upbringing for one thing, being acclimated to Elizabethan English at a young age through the King James Bible is something I appreciate very much. And, without the influence of those two, my own poetry would not be receiving such wonderful reviews today. They definitely helped shape my understanding of rhyme, meter, and cadence in shaping art with words.


What do you think it's going to be like for European descent folks in the next 20 years?

    We stand at a crossroads. What we do now will determine if we die out, and face a slow, torturous slaughter along the way, or whether we arise to a glorious future. We may still be fighting in twenty years time. But the point is, we fight or we're dead. So, I choose to fight every single day with every fiber of my being.


Besides Europa Sun, do you have any additional projects you're working on?

   Thank you for asking! I have been doing a monthly series on European Fairy tales where I tease out some of the very deep and important aspects of our native cosmological worldview. It seems clear that loss of our strong sense of self, and part of that is our true spiritual understanding, has emaciated us as a culture. The name "Fairy Tales Series" might sound silly -- because, as pointed out above, our fairy tales have been taken from us just like our native faith was, and now our very cultural identity is also under assault. There is some very, very deep insight in these tales. It's crucially important reading. 

   In Europa Sun, I will be branching out to cover other topics. For example, my article in Issue 1 will feature an article on the white captives taken by Amerindians on the American frontier. It will also feature work by many other talented writers. And because leftists do try to interfere with identitarians' ability to earn, my own articles for the magazine are being included in the content I put up on Patreon. The new magazine will be available there as soon as its ready, and the Fairy Tales Series goes up there as well. Support is very much appreciated, and it's a way to subscribe to content that is crucially important to deepening the white identity movement into the cultural sphere. 


Is there anything you would like to say not covered here?

   Please never give Carolyn a platform to ramble, for ramble she will. Nope, I think I covered it all and then some.

    Other than... Thank you very much for taking the time, I really appreciate all the support that Odin's Eye Media has given me. This has not been easy. I'm out here with my real name and my real face fighting every day because I believe in this so much. It's not always easy to be strong in such a vulnerable position. Your support has meant the world to me.


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