My Path of Odin Found Through Bloodline Synchronicity

If we listen to our bloodline synchronicity – eventually you'll know yourself on a spiritual level as well as on a physical level. For me, the gods screaming “wake up son of Wotan”.

As an American it was hard to know my deep history, but I've always had this connection to nature, and in that connection I found there's this phenomenon called synch, or synchronicity. For awhile, I had believed it to be one thing, but over the years I feel it's not only a cosmic connection, but also a bloodline connection. When in tune with it, you can really find yourself. It's nature after all, and the gods flowing through the veins of our people.

I have many connections to things, but just to give an example I'll point out some synch and how it's always been leading me to the old ways – finding my heathen connection – one that seems a bit like the path of Odin, but also clearly to the Vikings and Celts as a whole.

When I was born I had to have an operation for pyloric stenosis. This operation thus led to me having a scar on my torso that's always been like a piercing in the side – as I became a young child I felt spiritual very early on. Since I was born into a Christian family, obviously I would connect this “thorn in my side” with Christianity and Jesus, but now I see it as my connection to Odin.

What people have to understand, is going through such an experience will have it's shamanic consequences...even if I don't remember it, this was my first shamanic experience – vomiting constantly and then being empaled by a “spear” which probably was intense for a baby to experience. For thousands of years Europeans and others around the world used many different methods to getting to altered states of consciousness in order to gain knowledge. A lot of this began towards the end of the Ice age.

One example is found in the caves of Cougnac which is near Pech Merle. On the walls are depictions of what's called “The wounded man of Pech Merle”. Graham Hancock wrote a great book years ago called "Supernatural" that showed how early man used this method a lot to show how getting so close to death, and pulling back can have interesting experiences... much like Odin's story.

It would be no wonder why years later I would find myself naturally doing things I would read about later in Germanic myths, stories, magick, and being a heathen, but I also spend a long time engaging in many shamanic experiences taking heroic doses of mushrooms, and I always tended to handle these knowledge based experiences quite well...well almost. In other words, my initiation was early, and all of these things are tied together.

When you are deeply connected to synch. You'll see it happen all the time and I've always found myself surrounded by hints of things trying to wake me up to what I truly am.


Another example...

I've been in media in someway or another since I was a child. The very first public performance I gave was when I was in elementary school. I was in the school chorus and we had a play. That play was about vikings. We sang viking songs, and it was a positive play about them.


Another example...

Along being deeply connected and interested in heathen ways throughout my life - I've also had an interest in war, and being a warrior. As a kid I was heavily into karate, and would be disqualified for being too dangerous... what a viking, eh?


Another example...

The first real band I was in was a band named after a story about a viking king named Eurich. Yes, we were a black metal band – I loved Norwegian bands, and they all reflect a sort of Viking attitude against the Abrahamic world. Some of the artwork on our records would be that of a sort of Lord of the Rings type of feel.


Something to note...

Backing up just a bit – early on I was not interested in Christianity. I remember being a child not feeling it settled right, and so by the time I was around 12/13 behind my parents back using allowance money I started buying books and tools on Wicca. It was long ago, and Wicca (in my opinion is not a genuine pagan path) was the only thing available back then, but what that did was eventually find more of the origins of that and found the proper heathen ways of the Germanic people's.

I enjoyed tarot cards... who would of thunk that my favorite was the hang man – I still have a habit of sleeping in bed in the hang man position which is most certainly Odin. And, I too eventually found that great knowledge comes from the point of stillness, which is found in the darkness.

By the way, I am mostly of German and Danish descent. I am also connected to my Celtic roots being part Irish/Scottish and probably with a dash of English. These things are important, as I now feel that a lot of this synchronicity is mostly connected through the blood we pass down and keep alive. It's been called Genetic Memory.


Another example...

At one point in my life I was married – I got a corporate job at a company called Anchor. We bought a house and my Neighbor was Leaf from Norway.

At my job, my coworker who sat by me was named Thor and last name Rhodin. How obvious can we get? The gods were trying to get me on the heathen path...

I was getting there... By this point I was heavily interested in shamanism, magick all the while married to a Christian. Not a good combo.


Another example...

After we split I also quit Anchor – and went to work with a very prominent independent media company based out of Sweden and we heavily focused on all things Norse/Germanic.


The path to Asatru/Odinism...

For me, I try to pay attention to the hints of life... synch! And whenever I do it always takes me closer to knowledge...finding Odin and all of the gods... connecting to my ancestry - it's amazing.

Also, this is all just a hint to some of my experience. I also have done a lot of research into my family past, and it's all there. Seeking within and without – the grey path of Odin.

Over the past 4 years going directly to this path of connection to my people and gods of the old ways has only been exhilarating. I've had natural points of confusion, but a lot of that is because we live in a confusing world at the moment, but it's true what the masters have said that you should try and find who you really are in life, and I have.


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